Following all of the preliminary work detailed in the last post the faulty Super heater element was identified and removed to be assessed. It was pretty easy to spot, leaking steam leaves plenty of tell-tale marks and we quickly established that one of the ball ends was about to snap off due to extensive cracking.



From here it was a pretty simple fix with a new ball end being welded onto the element, then a bit of a clean up of the Super Heater manifold where the element is mounted to ensure that there is no more leaking and back in she goes.


A bit of action in the photo above, this is how rust reacts to being welded!

The finished product below showing the old part which has been removed (or more accurately removed itself) being held next to the new part which has now been fitted in it’s place


Now after a couple of full days work the whole lot can be pieced back together and so below we see workshop volunteer Pete helping Mick to re-assemble the jigsaw ready for J549 to run on the weekend. As you can see it is a confined space and as already mentioned it is dirty work. The only consolation is when you have to jump in on a cold Monday or Tuesday after the train has run on the weekend, it is amazing how long the boiler holds heat for, on these occasions it is toasty warm and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!



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