K160 Workshop Update 8/6/2020

Since our last update, works on K160 have been progressing at a good pace!

Some of the works have included;

– The Drag Box top plate being removed which revealed heavily corroded C channels all requiring replacement. With the top plate removed, we inspected the bottom plate and found it to be in good condition where it can remain in place.

-The new Main Internal Steam Pipe and J Pipe have arrived at Newport ready for installation as well as the driving wheel axle boxes ready for measuring and re-metalling.
-Works continued on all of K160’s number plates with the first coat of black being applied.

– The rivet heads on the C Channels have been ground off and now need to be punched out.
-The remaining ash pan studs have been drilled out and removed awaiting the newly machined studs to be fitted.
-Mounting studs on the boiler have been removed for replacement. Some of which include the Superheater header studs, safety valve studs, regulator stuffing box studs, shaker mount studs and the butterfly door studs.
-The driving wheels are continuing to be wire wheeled and needle gunned prior to paitning
– The remainder on the paint on the cab has been needle gunned and wire wheeled. This allowed us to prime the inside of the cab, and paint the Cumberland Stone top coat. With this completed, the wiring conduits can be refitted and wiring loom roughed in ready to be dropped into the loco at a later date.
-Commencing the overhaul of the Turbo Generator
-The mechanical lubricator has returned from Maldon and received a paint job and will very shortly be refitted to the running board.
-The pony truck axle boxes have been removed, which have revealed a few damages, but nothing too major.
-Cab mirror brackets made up ready to be welded to the cab
-Drivers side injector refitted

We are always looking for more donations to keep this project rolling and progressing quickly, if you have anything to spare, please donate!!
We estimate another $75-80k is required to get K160 back to her former glory.

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Working bees are also held each Saturday and most weekdays/nights.
Contact: yvg@vgr.com.au or mechanical@vgr.com.au if you’re interested in helping out.