Update – April 2022

There has been steady, though not necessarily visible, progress on K160 during April. We have also set about some planning for work in the next couple of months. The ashpan which is at the Maldon workshop is nearly finished. A big shout out to Keith and Wayne for their work on this and it now needs to be turned over so that the sliding panels at the bottom fit and once this is done it will be transported to Newport. As for progress at Newport the springs are still with the contractor for assessment and refurbishment as required. Steamrail are shortly to engage a contract fitter to speed the work on the loco. In the next week or so the boiler maker will be completing the smoke box. The boiler itself is virtually complete save for final installation of the internal steam pipe. Once this is done the boiler will be refitted to the frame. The main driving wheels will be turned once the boiler is fitted. Work on the cab and drag box continues. The donated steel sheet will be measured and used for the cab sides. We have turned our thoughts to the tender and this is being assessed for work needed but it is believed to be largely in good condition. We continue to need volunteers coming on a Saturday so if you want to come please contact John Hoy or Stuart Phemister. Warren Hall continues to oversee the project and in the latest Steamrail news there was mention of VGR’s arrangement with Steamrail on K160.

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