Update – June 2022

The latest news is that on 1st June the boiler was lowered off its stands to ground level.  The smoke box door was removed and preparations made for the smoke box repairs.  This will involve replacement of wasted areas of plate work and replacement of the angle ring behind the smoke box door.  The previously formed plate and angle are for this task.  The driving wheels are being cleaned down and prepared for painting.  The new drag box has been mated with the old one to use as a drilling template and drilling of the various holes will shortly start.  The ash pan at Maldon is nearly finished and as previously advised will be moved to Newport for installation.  There is still plenty of work to be done for people who don’t have mechanical skills in such jobs as painting of the smoke deflectors and the cab top.  They have been needle gunned to remove many layers of old paint and require final cleaning and priming.  As previously advised our volunteer work days are on a Saturday and if you wish to attend please contact John Hoy or Stuart Phemister.

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