K160 Ash Pan

This week, all the new steel for the ash pan has arrived in the workshop. Thanks go to the Civil boys for picking up the steel, & delivering it into the workshop with the Takeuchi excavator while I was inside J549 blowing out the flue tubes.

The old ash pan hump sits idly by, looking at its new replacement having a chat to a freshly inspected J549


J549 Boiler

The boiler washout gave good results, showing a nice clean foundation ring & a good covering of treatment on the drivers side front firebox wrapper.

K160 Ashpan

Today has been more stress trying to read photocopies of 97 year old plans to work out how much & what size steel to purchase for the fabrication of 160’s ash pan.

There is also severe cleaning & polishing of the second injector internals. Assembly of both injectors should be complete by the end of next week.